You may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height of Christ - Ephesians 3:18

Discover Christ In You...Grow In His Full Stature & Become A Manifested Son...TODAY!

PBB Ultimate Membership is your all-in-one online learning platform where you experience constant growth in wisdom, grace and experience the Overcomer's Life...

Don't Leave Your Growth In Christ To Hope & Randomness.

Get access to 7 in-depth powerful courses immediately PLUS School of Perfection weekly teachings (Total of 8 courses)

Let's Face it: too often we leave our personal growth in Christ to randomness! We read a random book here, a random teaching there. That's why you're often're not growing in Christ as FAST as you want (or need!) to!

That's why we created PBB Ultimate Membership.

It's a membership program of the top most important teachings you need to grow in Christ FAST and Effective...

Till we all come to...

The Measure
The Stature
The Fullness

- Ephesians 4:13

What do you need in your walk of life with Jesus? Do you need to know how to pray effectively? Or how to receive promises of God in your life?

Or maybe you're looking for a discipline in your life where you build your life on the foundation of God's word daily? Or you want to hear God's voice clearly and confidently? And develop a real relationship with Jesus?

Or maybe you're in a place in your walk that you want to know the truthunderstand the Bible better.

Or you wanted to learn how to study the Bible on your own and receive direct revelations. 

Well, whatever it is that you're looking for in your walk with Jesus, we have you all covered and supported in our PBB Ultimate Membership.

Not only there are courses ready for you to consume immediately and grow, but you get weekly teachingsinspirationsaccountabilitychallengesguidance, and LIVE training to help you grow in ALL things in Christ, and fulfill Ephesians 4:13-15.

That we should no longer be childrentossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine, but...

Speaking The Truth In Love, May Grow Up In All Things Into Him Who Is The Head—Christ

- Ephesians 4:14-15


PBB Ultimate Membership

You can hope to grow, or you can let us build you up in your personal growth plan. You can plateau, or you can rise. PBB Ultimate Membership is the ultimate training platform with the best relevant courses to help you grow.

Here's What You're Going To Get Today...

Unveilable: Revelatory Bible Study Methods

Understand The Bible Effectively

This 8-week step-by-step practical Online Course give you Study Methods, Keys & Perspectives that hold the secret for you to dig deep in studying the Bible on your own and easily unlock the most challenging verses so you can understand the Word of God in a life-transforming way (without years of trying) and take your relationship with the scriptures to another level and never feel like bored, confused or uncertain about your interpretation. 


Concordance Trainer 101

Study The Bible In The Original Language

This Online Course is your solution to learn to study the Bible in Greek and Hebrew Language by using the Strong Concordance which enables you to bypass any wrong or mis translations and understand the clear message of every verse without being confused. You'll also learn how to take the simplest vocabularies of the Bible to trace back a precious revelation that has been hidden in the pages of the Bible!


Meditate The Word

Learn To Meditate On The Scriptures

This practical online course unveils the mystery of biblical meditation. We’ll teach you how to meditate in spirit, properly, which will cause the inner Life of Christ flow and water your Soul. It makes it simple to meditate on God's word daily which enables you to be mindful of His truth and presence all the time even in the midst of a busy lifestyle and renew your mind to His word so you can grow in your intimate relationship with God and prosper in the seed you plant in your heart, and bear the fruit of life.


Intensified Hearing

Hear God's Voice Clearly And Confidently

This course is a combination of several step-by-step walkthroughs of hearing techniques to help you practice hearing God’s voice effectively, whenever you want. This course holds the key to help you skip years of trying to hear God's voice and instead puts you in a position to hear Him immediately. This experience will cause you to draw closer to God, and always hear His voice of love rather than the old voice of accusation and condemnation.


Effective Prayer

Learn To Pray Effectively

This course will give you the secret to understand the Biblical Prayer according to the New Testament and how you can position your heart in believing a word before speaking it. You’ll be able to live a life of prayer, beyond needs, but according to the promises of God, revealed through the scriptures. Your understanding of the Lord's Prayer and Spiritual Warfare will forever be changed, and you'll have your true identity realized in this new life of prayer.


Paradise Walk

Practical Walk With God Is Spirit, Soul & Body

In this course you’ll have an in-depth teaching of the Mystery of the Garden of Eden which is the symbolical expression of your walk with God. You’ll get practical nuggets that will empower you to change your beliefs. By the end of this course you’ll see the Bible unlocked in many levels and walk into a realm of pleasure in God that supersedes every past experience!


Revelation Lab

Introduction To The Book Of Revelation

This online course is an intensive teaching of the Book of Revelation. It gives you the keys to get dose of in-depth teachings on the mysteries signified in the book, so you're able to understand this book clearer and to realize how Jesus is at work in your life to make the old leave and turn all things new, so you can inherit all things.


School Of Perfection

Go Unto Perfection With Weekly Foundational Teachings

You will be automatically enrolled in the online School of Perfection, where you get weekly NEW teachings. This is a very foundational and yet rich school that will systematically take you through everything you need to know from Genesis to Revelation. This can serve you as your Church. You'll never look at God and yourself through the same old lenses. The weekly teachings will answer your questions, and equip you to continue eating from the bread of life and experience spiritual strength in your heart. 




Here Are Some Additional Bonuses & Resources To Keep You Engaged & Inspired Every Day!

Monthly Zoom Meeting 

Every month there's a group coaching call with a small group. You get to share your goals, your journey with Jesus, ask question and get personal advise from Masoud & Rose to help you achieve the life you meant to live.


Audio Downloads of All teachings

The MP3 Audio Downloads of all teachings is your solution to continue learning when you're on the go which helps you learn and grow every moment of your day and constantly stay focused on God's word wherever you are.


Transcripts, Exercises and Slides & Devotionals

With these printable booklets, you get to study on a much slower pace, and concentrate on the deep truth and experience a greater level of learning. You’ll be amazed how often you’ll have “aha” moments with supernatural joy as you let the word find a deeper place in your heart. 


PBB Online Community

When you sign up, you will have immediate access to PBB Online Community. This is a brand new community platform designed exclusively for our PBB students. PBB Online Community is a powerful place for you to stay connected to your instructors and other like-minded believers. With forum discussions, daily group inspirations, frequent challenges and Monthly LIVE trainings, this community is your solution to stay focused on God's word, step into a deeper level of fellowship with the Holy Spirit & also a life long transformational journey.

TOTAL VALUE: Priceless


PBB Ultimate Membership

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get

Online Courses:

  • Unveilable: Revelatory Bible Study Methods [Value $997]
  • Concordance Trainer 101: Study The Bible in the Original Language [Value $197]
  • Meditate The Word: Learn To Meditate in the Spirit on God's Word [Value $197
  • Intensified Hearing: Hear God's Voice Clearly & Confidently [Value $197]
  • Effective Prayer: Learn To Pray Effectively [Value $197]
  • Paradise Walk: Walk With God In Your Spirit, Soul & Body [Value $197]
  • Revelation Lab: Introduction To The Book Of Revelation [Value $197]
  • School Of Perfection: Weekly Foundational Teachings from Genesis to Revelation [Value $997]

Bonuses & Additional Recourses:

  • Monthly Zoom Meeting: Interactive Zoom Training [Value $597]
  • Audio Downloads: Continue to Learn On The Go [Value $597]
  • Transcripts, Exercises, Slides & Devotional: Concentrate and Gain More [Value $297]
  • PBB Online Community: Stay Inspired in a Like-Minded Community [Value Priceless]

Total Value Per Year: $4667

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It All Starts With YOU

When you invest in your own education through Perfected By Blood, you’re also helping build online schools, create teaching materials and bring education to Iranian Christian Community as well as the underground Church in Iran.

How Does It Work?

1. You Sign up & You'll be charged for the first month or year

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Here’s What Real People Are Saying...

You'll Get Loads And Loads Of Revelation - Khadija

Tery used to read the Bible because he had to. It was a task he wasn't looking forward to it. But now he realizes that the Bible is a Living Organism!

Elena now knows who she really is in Christ: "The Son of God"! The way she reads the Bible is enlightened and thus her relationship with the Father.

Leslie experienced a love baptism of the Father and renewed joy for the Word of God. She started getting answers to the questions she always had.

My marriage was restored as I put to practice these biblical meditations - Saskia

Peter now can see that God is Really Good when he reads the the Bible, something he couldn't see clearly before. He and his wife experienced a life transformation.

Natashia was tired of feeling confused about the Bible. She didn't know how to understand, believe and apply it in her life. But now the Bible is her everyday joy, it changes her life, even as a mom and a business owner.

Maz was a leader and a Bible teacher but he often found himself in trap of weakness and hopelessness. He now realizes every word in the Bible brings him strength and power because it reveals the knowledge of Christ.

Parisa was a worship leader but the Bible was only a story book for her. Now she knows there is a mystery under every word that has power to transform her life to live like Jesus on earth.

Vanesa & Tyler learned every verse points to Christ. They're more focused on Christ than their problems. They don't see a condemning & angry God anymore but a loving Father. Vanesa thinks Bible study is like a treasure hunt with her Daddy God!

In Case You Have Similar Questions...

How many courses are available for immediate access?

There are 7 complete courses that you'll have immediate access to. The "Unveilable" course, however, has 8 modules and will be released over 8 weeks. The School of Perfection have more than 20 teachings to consume immediately but every week you'll get a brand new teaching as well.

Shouldn't these teachings be available for FREE?

If you have been following us, you know that majority of our teachings are offered to you FREE of charge. PBB Courses and Memberships are only an opportunity for you to support us and so we can serve you in a more personal way.

I want to join the membership but I can't afford it! What should I do?

Limited scholarships are available. However we assure you with more than 250 FREE in-depth videos, weekly teachings and LIVE trainings on our YouTube channel, you won't miss anything.

When am I going to get charged?

When you sign up for the monthly or yearly plan, you will be charged for the first month or first year immediately. After that, you'll be charged monthly or yearly until you decide to cancel.

What's your refund policy?

We will refund if you wish to cancel within 30 days of your purchase.

I signed up for the yearly plan, will I get a refund if I cancel after a few months?

No! You are getting a special offer when purchase the yearly plan. If you decide to cancel before the yearly commitment is over, you will not get a refund for the remainder of the year but you will not be charged for the next year.

What happens if I cancel my yearly membership before the year ends?

Upon cancelation you will still have access to the membership until the end of your yearly contract. Once your one year access is over, your membership will cancel automatically and you will not be charged for the next year. 
* Note: You will not get any refunds.

I still have questions, what should I do?

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